Standing Beside Us



Maid of Honour, Sister of the Bride.
If you could choose your family, Geneva would still only want you


A fiercly loyal friend who has been a massive part of our short yet full journey. Dan has taken time to help us make so many special memories while being ther for both of us a the drop of a phone call.


A friend Geneva couldn't have got through uni without, the most beautiful and caring women you'll ever meet


Chase has been one of James' best friends since third form at Auckland Grammar. They have shared so many wild adventures over the years and remain the best of friends into adulthood.


A friend to lean on since Geneva was learning to walk; from learning to use make up together, to bonfires in the back yard together


Blake is the Bride & Groom's jokingly adoptive son. He lived with Geneva and James for a period of time and was a massive support network for the couple through the happy and sad times. Blake has a beautiful soul that has been a shining light for the couple.


Geneva's best friend from their school days, they've been through it all together; from lazy girls days together, to throwing parties when mum and dad were out of town (don't tell mum and dad!)


Groomswoman Ange has been a great friend to James for the last 12 years. They have shared some fantastic times ove these years through the wild ride that is life. Ange is James' number one supported and critic always encouraging him to be his best.


Never fails to cheer Geneva up with a bottle in hand and inevitably dancing on tables


Just Like brother to Geneva and James. He's always there to lend a helping hand or offer support followed by a party! Brent's one of a kind and has shared some amazing times with the couple.


The sweetest, wildest friend Geneva could ask for; and best aunty to Bowie


James and Marcus' became the best of friends at Auckland Grammar and played some fantastic years of rugby together. James and Marcus are builders alike and still retain a strong friendship.


An unbreakable friendship that cancer gave us; the friend who just gets it and is always there


Romby and James have been good friends since Highschool. Romby is an amazing stable figure who is always there to lend a hand. Geneva and James are lucky to have wonderful friend like Romby who is always ready to put on a BBQ and share some joy.