Geneva and James met by chance at a bar in St Heliers one sunny afternoon. Geneva had arranged a catch up with a friend and James happened to be driving past on his way home from work and saw a group of friends at the bar. James sat down with his friends, moments later locking eyes from a short distance with Geneva and the attraction was undeniable. James approached Geneva whilst covered in saw dust and dirt in his work clothes (bold move) and began a conversation about anything and everything with Geneva. The conversation was deep from the beginning and full of excitement and intrigue. (Then he called Best Man Dan and said he could fall in love with this girl) the attraction was undeniable from that moment on with the first date lasting three days. A week later Geneva woke to a late-night message from James telling her he had booked her flights down to Mt Maunganui as he wanted her to come and spend some time with him and his amazing Mount friends.  From that weekend on the two have been inseparable with life being a constant adventure. From climbing mountains and bush walks, to boating adventures and culinary exploration. The lovers recently had a trip of a lifetime to Rarotonga and pushed the limits in what Raro had to offer in true James and Geneva fashion: going up and down a giant mountain, swimming with turtles, followed by pina coladas and espresso martinis in the pool.  Geneva and James have been handed the current climate and life hurdles and are using all their superpowers to make this amazing wedding to come to life and cant wait for you all to celebrate the amazing love that is theirs!

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